Major Objectives

History of BeFORE

Fr. Jacob G. Palackappilly, the founder, envisioned Bharata Mata Extension for Organic, Research, and Environment (BeFORE) as a hub for extensive learning. The parent organisation of BeFORE, Bharata Mata College, has a long history of providing higher education to underprivileged groups who are also socially and educationally marginalised. Despite this, BeFORE takes the opportunity to enhance Bharata Mata College's social responsibility to society and to broaden our interest in connecting with and collaborating with various stake holders for the improvement of society in various fields, particularly regarding various women's entrepreneurship projects, educational support programmes, research studies, transgender support programmes, water and sanitation programes, etc. Bharata Mata College recognises its responsibility as a pioneering educational institutions to support the socioeconomic, demographic, and environmental growth of the community, and it is doing everything possible to meet the demands of pupils. BeFORE has been actively involved in the community as a change agent from its founding, through the faculty and employees of Bharata Mata college.

Governing Body

Registration Status

Registration No EKM/TC/502/2017
CSR Registration Number CSR00050088
80 G Registration number CIT(Exemption), KOCHI/80G/2020-21/A/10010
12 A Registration Number AAEAB6173EE20216
NGO Dharpan unidue ID KL/2020/0253867