Hi,My name is Bokang Maseli from Lesotho,in Southern Africa. I am currently  doing  Master of Social Work (community development)at K.E College Mannanam in Kottayam.I was attached at Bharata Mata Extension For Organic, Research and Environment (BeFORE) for my third semester block placement,I got some outstanding experience, especially in my area of specialisation. Among their projects,I had an opportunity to work for Jal Jeevan Mission .The agency members were patient but passionate about the teaching and learning process of community work,the slums,tribal,urban and the rural,PRA, project proposal and presentation skills to mention a few.I personally do not regret the little time I worked with them,they unlocked the potential in me with the knowledge and experience they shared with me,It goes without saying that I still look forward to working with them even after the completion ofmy degree for the purpose of my professional growth.BeFORE is undoubtedly an organisation to work with,very organised and with a clear vision,it is simply the best.