Social impact assessment

Social impact assessment

A project’s potential good and negative social impacts are identified, analysed, evaluated, managed, and monitored through the process of social impact assessment (SIA). The direct and indirect effects that a project has on individuals and their communities at every step of its lifetime are referred to as its social impacts. According to the 2013 Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation, and Resettlement Act, a social impact assessment study need to conduct before every developmental projects. BeFORE has been designated as the Thrissur district’s Social Impact Assessment study unit. Among the significant studies that BeFORE supported are,   

  • SIA  study for Valachira arattupuzha drinking water project (13-08-2002)

                 AREA: Thrissur cooperation and 19 neighbouring panchayat 

  • SIA study on Kodungaloor parallel pullut  bridge 

                  AREA:  Lokamalleshwaram and pullut village